GLYSANTIN® G30® Ready Mix

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  • Ready Mix
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Product Details

GLYSANTIN® G30® is a premium-grade coolant that is free of silicates. This product employs organic acid technology (OAT). It contains organic corrosion inhibitors to protect the cooling system.

Technical Details

  • Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
  • Provides protection through organic corrosion inhibitors (without silicate)
  • Colored violet

Additional Features

  • Suitable for electric vehicles
  • GLYSANTIN® G30® Ready Mix / 50 ECO BMB 100, available in 1L packaging
  • For the production of the GLYSANTIN® products, 100% fossil raw materials were replaced by renewable raw materials. 100 % mass-balanced product with more than 75 % CO2 emission savings. 
  • Approvals and recommendations for the respective GLYSANTIN® and its ECO BMB variant remain valid. Replacement of conventional GLYSANTIN® products with GLYSANTIN® ECO BMB is technically possible while maintaining the same product quality.

Available in

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1L Bottle

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210L Drum

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1000 IBC

G30® Ready Mix Approvals

No Lists available

Approval codes on the list ending with (*) refer to approvals for Ready mix products.

Brand Model Year  Approval code Approved or Recommended
Daimler Truck & Buses all models from 01/01/2000 MB-Approval 326.3 / DTFR 29D110 APPROVED
SETRA all models   MB-Approval 326.3 APPROVED