Future Mobility

GLYSANTIN® for Future Mobility

Mobility solutions are continually evolving and vehicle fleets around the globe are changing. The amount of available powertrain technologies has expanded significantly: Advancements in internal combustion engines (ICE), battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and hybrid technologies (FHEV, PHEV) lead to a mix of powertrains on the road. This also translates into new requirements for coolant technologies. Continuously rethinking cooling, GLYSANTIN® has developed a portfolio to specifically address the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s powertrain technologies.

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GLYSANTIN®'s Electromobility


Keep it cool under the hood - no matter which engine technology

Advancements in internal combustion engine and powertrain technologies continue to be explored. However, no matter what technology is under your hood, rest assured, in our established GLYSANTIN® product range we have got the right coolant for you.